Ten simple ways to celebrate National Pumpkin Day

October 26th is the official day of the pumpkin. Apparently they didn’t want to share a day with candy and costumes…and I can’t say I blame them. Around here we love pumpkins so much we can totally get behind National Pumpkin Day! #teampumpkin

Here are 10 simple ways to celebrate the day in case you are looking for some ways to get festive!

1. Start the day with pumpkin pancakes. We’ve made these before and they are delicious, but honestly my boys are just as happy with orange pancakes and chocolate chip faces.

2. Paint a pumpkin. Throw down a table cloth and bust out the paint, my kids love coating their little pumpkins with paint. If painting is too much, print some pumpkin coloring pages instead.

3. Have a pumpkin picnic. Use a cookie cutter for pumpkin shaped sandwiches and add some orange sides…carrots, oranges, cheese crackers, maybe even a pumpkin candy corn for dessert. Pack it up and head to the park or backyard.

4. Cuddle up and read pumpkin themed books.

5. Bake pumpkin cookies or another favorite pumpkin dessert.

6. Sneak in a little learning. Spend some time researching pumpkins. Check out their life cycle, the different varieties, how they grow.

7. Make pumpkin pie play-doh. We love this recipe. The scent and texture are amazing!

8. Go for a “pumpkin walk”, it’s a tradition of ours…we walk the neighborhood counting pumpkins at each house looking for the house with the most pumpkins.

9. Make a jack ‘o lantern pizza for dinner.

10. Snuggle in for a family movie night with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

So, will you be celebrating pumpkin day? Do you have any fun pumpkin activities or traditions?


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